Passion Fruit Sour 4 Pack

Passion Fruit Sour 4 Pack

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24x 473ml cans of our new passion fruit sour. 

There is one thing that all islands have in common - the vibe of 'island time'... Whether in the Caribbean, the Pacific or on the Lake; there is an unmistakable feeling one gets from setting foot on an island. No matter the time of year, the effort it takes to get there seems to slow down time-space and turns 'chill' into a viral attitude everyone is catching. Just the right sour & island fruit mind-meld with sand, relaxation and sun to really tie the room together. So get on a plane, or float your boat, catwalk your sled, or simply step across that bridge and arrive, with Island Vibes. 

IBU: 5 | SRM: 5 | ABV: 5%

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