Kegerator Frequently Asked Question's

1. I purchased a kegerator, where & when do I pick up it up?

    Based on the month you selected for “pick up”, we order the unit in & build kegerators once a month. The unit will be ready at the date outlined and pick up will always be at the Kenora Retail Store. Should it be earlier, we will advise you via email or reach out and if we can get it to you sooner, we will certainly try our best!

     2. What else do I need to buy?

    The unit comes with everything you need to get you started, well, except the draught beer. Reason being is we have different size kegs & inventory fluctuates based on demand as well as brew schedule. We will do our best to have inventory on our website and at retail to satisfy the needs of our customers. Beyond purchasing your beer, you may need glassware, a bar-mat or a metal tacker sign. In saying that, if you buy a kegerator, we will send you a discount code right away to inform you of a “one-time discount” on all your kegerator add-on needs.

     3. How many & what size kegs fit in my kegerator?

    1 tap unit: 18.5L, 50L and 58.6L are the kegs sizes we have available and fit your unit.

    2-tap unit: 2x18.5L fit in this unit. We recommend letting us know if any issues come up as it is tight but 2 small kegs do fit.


    4. How long does the kegged beer last?
    We suggest that once you tap a keg you consumer it within four-five weeks. Should the beer be cold-stored (in a fridge), full and untapped, the beer will last 5-6 months after packaging date on physical keg collar.
    5. How to buy more kegs?
    You can purchase kegs at our Kenora Retail store. Please call ahead to reserve your keg(s) so we can get all the paperwork sorted out! (1-833-321-2337). When you arrive at the brewery retail store you will need to pay for the keg(s) + keg deposit.

    6. Set-up Tips: Everything is connected (kegs have coupler connected, C02 is tight & connected, kegerator is plugged in, I let the keg rest for 60 minutes and I am ready to have a beer….What do I do?  

    • Turn the CO2 cylinder on full,
    • Ensure the valve is in the “ON” position so CO2 starts drawing from tank to the connected keg(s),
    • Set CO2 pressure to 10lbs of pressure (PSI gauge reads 10),
    • Pour a pint and kick your feet up,
    • You will learn when your keg is running low by opening your fridge and lifting your keg. If empty, you will learn this as you attempt to pour beer, the open draught line will shoot air (not liquid, beer) and naturally that means no beer is left in the keg.

    7. When should I have the unit cleaned?
    The unit should be cleaned at the end of each year of use. Otherwise twice a year (once at the start & again at the end of year). If you bring your kegerator to LOWBREWCO Kenora, we can clean your lines, once a year. Turnaround time is usually about 1-2 business days.

    8. I need to return my empty kegs. What do I do?
    You can return your kegs at our Kenora Retail store. Upon return, you will be reimbursed the $50 keg deposit. If you are buying another keg, you will have to pay the $50 deposit again. This is to keep our bookkeeper happy!

    9. my CO2 tank is getting low, what do I do?

    We are not able to refill or replace CO2 tanks at the brewery, but Best Way Rentals & Sales in Kenora, Ontario can! 

    1904 6th St N, Kenora, ON

    P9N 3X7
    (807) 548-4131
    10. Where should I store my kegerator?
    We highly recommend customer store their kegerator away from direct sunlight and if possible, in a covered area to avoid any nasty weather (rain/snow).
    If the unit is will be unused for the season or extended period of time, we strongly recommend storing it indoors. If that is not possible, we recommend covering it with a tarp and keeping it away from weather. Again, If you bring your kegerator to LOWBREWCO Kenora, we can clean your lines, once a year (at no charge). Turnaround time is usually about 1-2 business days.
    11. I’m leaving for a few weeks or closing up for the year, what do you suggest we do so unit lasts? Depending on your time away, we suggest you do one of the following: 
    Leaving for 1-2 weeks: move kegerator indoors or cover the unit with a tarp/blanket away from sunlight. Keep fridge plugged in so beer remains cold, connected and leave the CO2 to the ON position. Beer will be there when you get back. Plug the tap spout(s) with the tap plugs provided.
    Leaving for 3-6 weeks: finish your tapped beer or find some friends & share it with them, that’s what we strongly recommend. The tapped beer may not last if it is sitting in the line for this timeframe. Once that is done, spray down the faucet with disinfectant & dry the faucet before inserting the plug(s) provided into your draught taps. Then disconnect the keg(s), turn off CO2 (both valve and unit shut off) and we strongly suggest you unplug the kegerator to save on electricity use.
    Leaving for the summer: finish your beer…then untap the keg(s) from the coupler(s), spray/clean the couplers & draught tap faucet(s) with warm water then plug the draught taps with tap plug(s) provided. Lastly, unplug the fridge, turn the CO2 valve(s) and cylinder to the OFF position. Last thing - return the empty keg(s) to LOWBREWCO Kenora retail store and get your deposit back (deposit is: $50/keg)!
    12. Any further questions or need help troubleshooting your kegerator?
    Text or email Rob Dokuchie @ 807-219-0992 or during normal business hours. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response. He will get you up and running…have no fear Rob is here!

    Enjoy the brews folks!
    Cheers and welcome to the kegerator family,
    Your friends at LOWBREWCO,

    Rob, Frank & Taras